Can mouse wrist pads prevent and alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome?

With the development and popularization of the Internet, more and more people begin to engage in Internet-related work, so there are a large number of people who need to sit in the office for a long time every day to operate the computer.

For example, urban white-collar, the vast program apes. And the operation computer cannot leave its “companion” naturally – mouse. But chronically using a mouse in a bad way can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Small knowledge popular science

Carpal tunnel syndrome (carpal tunnel syndrome) is an unfamiliar term to many of you, but it’s also known as’ mouse hand.

The main symptom of the syndrome is pain in the hands. Repetitive movements, such as typing, and poor posture can increase the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you often wake up in the middle of the night, you may feel a prickling pain in your hand. Try to shake hands at this time, suddenly found a better.

And if it happens to your thumb, index, and middle finger, then you need to pay attention, and that’s a sign of carpal tunnel syndrome. Of course, not all hand pain is classified as carpal tunnel syndrome. Because it’s a disease of the nervous system of the hand with specific symptoms.However, it is suggested to go to the hospital as early as possible when similar circumstances are presented. As the saying goes, early detection and early treatment are good.

2 ways to prevent it

If you are an office worker who uses a computer mouse for a long time and have wrist pain that needs to be taken seriously, but if you don’t have the symptoms described above, don’t be too nervous, it may not be that serious.

After all, each disease is not a cluster, but gradual, not necessarily suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. But it should be a wake-up call.

1. Arrange your time reasonably and combine work and rest. It is recommended that you relax your fingers and wrists after using the computer or mobile phone for 30-60 minutes, shake your hands and move your wrists.

2. Pay attention to your typing posture.

The keyboard should be placed in the front and center of the body, close to the keyboard or using the mouse at a flat height.

The elbow should be worked at an Angle greater than 90 degrees to avoid compression of the medial median elbow nerve.

Make sure to use the mouse with your wrist straight, sit straight and use a good back cushion, and keep your feet flat on the ground.I know this is not easy for many office workers, including me, to keep doing, but for their own health, or should learn to do.

Like you work too busy, not in 1 hour to let his wrist activity finger, that also can be 2 hours breaks, regulation is dead, according to own actual situation to do accordingly.

But raise awareness and take action. When something becomes a habit, it will happen naturally.

It’s true that many people take off when they’re busy at work, not to mention taking time out to stretch their wrists every 30-60 minutes.

But I always believe that physical health is fundamental, as long as you make up your mind to persist in doing something, it is possible to do it, the important thing is to take the first step, and then stick to it.

One of my favorite ways is to drink water, drink water, drink water!

People have three urgent, water will naturally want to go to the toilet after drinking more, through this physiological way to force themselves out of the chair has been integrated with the buttocks, get up, out of the company, rushed to the toilet, after all, walking can be appropriate activities for a long time to maintain a posture and stiff shoulders and necks and limbs.

Moreover, drinking more water can not only supplement the water needed by the human body and promote blood circulation, but also have a certain auxiliary effect on people who are losing weight. For example, drinking more water before meals can increase the sense of satiety and prevent the intake of food with too many calories.

But there is a point to pay attention to, after drinking more water do not hold urine, long time hold urine is not desirable. This has no small effect on one’s physical health.

1. Holding urine for a long time often causes pressure on the vessels of the bladder wall, thinning of the mucosa and damage to the protective layer, which leads to bacterial invasion and affects the health of the bladder.

2. Often hold urine for a long time, urine may go against the current, resulting in hydronephrosis, thus affecting renal function. The importance of renal function health is self-evident, especially for the majority of male compatriots.

If the above methods of relieving your wrist feel awkward or can’t be sustained in the long term, consider using hand pads made of a better material.

Below is the wrist pad I have been using for 2 years. The material is soft, elastic and waterproof, and the pad has obvious comfort on the wrist. At the beginning of use, some small partners may have some discomfort because the wrist is suddenly padded, generally 3-5 days can be eliminated.

SANWA SUPPLY Ergonomic Jelly silicone wrist rest, mouse pad wrist guard. It has three benefits:

1. Ergonomic design.

2. The material is jelly silicone, soft and elastic, which can enhance the comfort of wrist.

3. It can be washed directly with running water, easy to clean. Maybe because I bought it black, I haven’t cleaned it for 2 years, just for the surface dust removal.

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