6 Adidas basketball shoe recommendations for 2022

Adidas is a trusted brand when it comes to sneakers. Three-stripe basketball shoes and other sports products are always on a par with rival Nike products.

The first: Adidas Men’s Basketball DAME 7 EXTPLY GCA basketball shoes

This is an overall best adidas basketball shoes.

The court feels great
Very stable and supportive
Suitable for outdoor
Economic material benefit

Only a little traction

The model provides unparalleled court feel and bounce, and what makes this shoe even more appealing is its outdoor playability.

The second : Adidas official website Marquee Boost BATW men’s team professional basketball shoes

This is an Adidas basketball shoe with the best grip.

It has a retro feel to it
Perfect for wide feet
The light
Excellent outsole grip
Keep your feet intact
Good ankle support
The elastic shoe
Breathable fit
First-class comfort

Lack of torsional stiffness
Fragile outsole

Many people consider traction to be the most important aspect of basketball shoes. We’ve had people like that around us, and they’re certainly not disappointed with Adidas Marquee Boost. This one easily tops the others because it’s insane indoors and out.

That being said, no one should doubt the durability of the shoe. One would think that a good, strong pair of shoes would automatically become heavy. Strong things have to put on some weight, right? Not so with Marquee Boost.

The third: Adidas Pro Model 2G-CNY shell head sneaker actual basketball shoes

This is an Adidas basketball shoe with the best cushioning performance.

Very comfortable on and off the court
Clean classic look
Reliable traction
Excellent cushioning
A good lock
Suitable for casual wear
Perfect for the fullback position

Need running-in

Basketball players and fans are loyal to their favorite shoe styles, so brands release retro styles to appease them. The retro Model Adidas Pro Model 2G is already a fan favorite, but it still goes beyond and offers something new. It has a new buffering setting that we think is one of the best things that has ever happened to it.

In addition to the amazing cushioning, this Adidas model offers excellent traction.

We also love the classic look of this Adidas shoe. Looks great with any uniform; This is just an added bonus, and it also pairs well with any active or casual outfit.

The fourth: Adidas men’s Basketball Trae Young 1 basketball shoes

This is the best Adidas low top basketball shoe.

Balance of shock
Be versatile
Comfortable fit
Excellent support
The fashionable
Good traction

Don’t breathe freely
Not suitable for players with wide feet

Trae Young’s first pair of signature shoes is a fair indoor performer. One major problem is that different versions of the shoes also behave differently. Buyers may want to dig into the specifications of the Adidas Trae Young 1 to make sure they get what they need.

The fifth: Adidas men’s basketball series Harden Stepback 3 basketball shoes

This is the best outdoor Adidas basketball shoe.

A consistent bite
High quality vamp material
Safety lock
Guarantee durability
Perfect for outdoor use
Cool design


The shoes have an unusual quality feel. On its own merits, the Adidas Harden Stepback 3 is an excellent basketball shoe. It performs well on different types of flooring, including outdoor flooring. It also feels very advanced.

The sixth:Adidas men’s basketball series Harden Vol. 6 sports basketball shoes

This is one of the most popular Adidas basketball shoes.

Secure foot containment
Remarkable air permeability
A stylish look

Unreliable grip

Adidas Harden Vol. 6 basketball shoes are comfortable to wear, relatively breathable, suitable for summer basketball. The feet are wrapped close and cushioned well.

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