3 Nike basketball shoe recommendations for 2022

Some models come with extra cushioning, some have excellent grip, and some offer the safest ankle locking. Best of all, you can also find versatile shoes that successfully incorporate all of the above features.

To help you find the right choice, I’ve picked out the three best Nike basketball shoes for 2022, and I’m sure you’ll be able to pick out the best of your own.

First: KD14 NRG EP
These are the best Nike basketball shoes on the whole.

Great cushioning and feel
Excellent ankle support
The straps make your feet feel locked
It looks really cool

Run hot

As the leader in shoes and other sportswear, everyone waits for Nike to outdo them every time it releases a new model. So we’re still shocked by the amazing performance of Nike KD 14.

Designed for one of the game’s most prolific scorers, KD 14 is designed to aid movement, not limit it. The midsole tool even feels like it’s powering our movement, and it does so without sacrificing impact protection.

Beyond that, when Nike says this provides full support, it means straps, collars, and even fairly simple upper materials all work together to provide a clean locking effect.

Second: PG5EP Paul George 5 actual basketball shoes
This is a Nike basketball shoe with the best grip.

Height of the buffer
Excellent traction
It looks great
Value for money

I feel very stiff

Focusing on traction is a good option; After all, basketball shoes are almost nothing without a good bite.

In addition to grip, the PG 5 also does a good job of cushioning. We think that even those with minor foot injuries can participate in these competitions; That’s how comfortable these low-tops are.

Surprisingly, the generous buffering has not come at the expense of the feel of the pitch. The shoes really feel like the best of both worlds.

Third: NIKE Cosmic Unity EP ,environmental protection material actual combat basketball shoes
This is a Nike basketball shoe with the best cushioning performance.

Top shock
Maintain consistent traction on clean and dusty surfaces
Grip outsole
Wide feet friendly
Suitable for outdoor use
Sustainable materials
A great look
Soft personal

A run-in period is needed
Not so breathable

Basketball players generally fall into two categories: those who like the cushioned plush, and those who are dismissive and prefer the more obvious court feel. However, Nike Cosmic Unity offers the best of both worlds. In fact, it’s a perfect blend of court feel, impact protection, and even some bounce.

With such amazing features, Cosmic Unity is a versatile model for every player, no matter what style of play they prefer. Heavier players get the pressure they need, while faster runners and defenders can enjoy unmatched explosive power.

In addition to a great midsole, this low-top shoe offers unparalleled inclusivity. The wider bottom of the shoe and the foam on the sides also make side-to-side movement more stable.

Nike Cosmic Unity is stylish and neat, and it’s also made from recycled material.

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