Exercising in non-standard ways that may not work well and cause harm

What is the precise personality exercise prescription? Those of you who listened to the last lecture may have a general impression of the precise personality prescription. Exercise prescription is a scientific, quantitative and periodic exercise program formulated for individual’s physical condition. For healthy people we call it an exercise program. For special people and those who need to restore their health, it is called exercise prescription. Just like when we go to the hospital to see a doctor, the doctor gives us a medical prescription, which includes some common prescriptions for the same disease, and also contains personalized prescriptions for specific patients. In the last class, we learned the common characteristics of exercise prescription, which includes the specific form of exercise, exercise intensity, exercise time, exercise frequency and matters needing attention during exercise, etc., a number of common prescriptions to help us recover and maintain health. Generally speaking, the use of common exercise prescription for fitness exercise, has been able to help you get a certain effect of fitness. However, because the purpose of fitness is different for everyone, the basic state of the body is different. Therefore, in theory, everyone should use a targeted exercise prescription, which is called “personalized exercise prescription”. So how can you get targeted and precise personalized exercise prescription?

In general, the formulation of precise personalized exercise prescription should go through four basic processes: physical examination and function evaluation, formulation of exercise prescription, implementation of exercise prescription, regular feedback and adjustment of personalized exercise prescription. Just listening to me say this, you must think that it is difficult to make precise prescription of personality exercise. But you need not worry, because for ordinary people, as long as we can ensure that the implementation of the exercise prescription is targeted personalized exercise prescription, precision is a reference standard in the implementation of personalized exercise prescription. Scientifically speaking, the more personalized and precise exercise prescription tends to be, the more conducive to the attainment of the purpose of fitness.

So what steps do you need to take to develop a prescription for physical activity? The answer is physical examination and functional evaluation. In the formulation of personalized exercise prescription, we should first of all have an understanding of their own physical health status, determine whether the body can exercise, can carry out what kind of intensity of exercise, which is the basis for the formulation and implementation of personalized exercise prescription. Just like the doctor before prescribing, will be sure to carry out all kinds of physical examination to the patient. Physical examination can let us know what exercise should be done, exercise intensity and exercise time schedule, etc. This kind of arrangement can make exercise prescription targeted, but also can actively avoid some possible exercise risks. Most people who sign up for a gym session for the first time will have the experience of filling out a self-assessment form at the reception desk. In fact, this physical condition self-assessment form is a kind of data collection for gym coaches to carry out physical examination and function evaluation for everyone and make daily training plans. Coaches make a conscious effort to tailor their training plans to the information on the sheet.

I don’t have time to go to the hospital for a specific physical function test. That’s okay. To some extent, we can judge for ourselves: if you’re young, don’t have cardiovascular symptoms such as dizziness, tightness and shock, and don’t have a family history, you can skip the procedure of hospital physical examination. But if you are older, or have cardiovascular symptoms or a family genetic disorder, you should pay attention before exercising. Of course, for all of us in the fitness community, a step-by-step approach can prevent us from taking some unnecessary risks in our fitness. We can find the appropriate exercise intensity, exercise load and exercise time in a step-by-step manner, and make the personalized exercise prescription more precise in multiple trials. At this point, some listeners may want to ask, which exercise values should we start with?

Usually, the formal exercise time set in the exercise prescription should be at least 10 minutes, so it is recommended that you start the exercise training with 10 minutes, and then gradually extend the exercise time, or use interval training method to cut the entire continuous exercise time into several small pieces. Both exercise time and exercise load need to be adjusted and corrected repeatedly for a certain period of time to achieve a more accurate degree, which not only needs everyone’s patience and experience, but also needs everyone to be able to objectively evaluate their own physical condition. In the meantime, if you feel any discomfort, abort the program and seek professional help. For the elderly, those who have a history of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and chronic diseases, I still suggest that you make and implement plans with the help of professionals, rather than self-arrangement and training.

What should we pay attention to during the implementation of exercise prescription? First of all, we should make it clear that the implementation of exercise prescription is a purposeful exercise step by step, so we should orderly complete the preparation stage, formal exercise stage and tidy up stage of each content. Don’t bother to ignore any of them. Only in this way can you maximize the effect of your exercise and minimize the risk. Secondly, exercise prescription is not a rigid exercise rule, it is a flexible exercise program, you can adjust the content according to the body feedback. For example, in the preparation stage, we can increase or decrease the exercise time according to the age, season and exercise level. For children with high flexibility of the nervous system, preparation time can be less; In the cold season to exercise friends can be prepared to extend the activity time; For the low level of exercise and the weak, the intensity and amount of exercise preparation should not be too large, the time should not be too long and so on. Finally, AFTER THE END OF EACH exercise, it is recommended that everyone undertake at least 5 minutes of finishing exercise, so that the muscle of intense exercise is gradually relaxed, and the function activity of cardiovascular and respiratory system tension is gradually relieved, so as to achieve the goal of eliminating fatigue and restoring physical strength.

Self-evaluation and adjustment. You can adjust your feelings after each exercise. The main criteria are sleep quality, next-day fatigue and exercise desire. Assuming that after exercise, you have a good sleep quality, the fatigue is completely eliminated the next morning, you can obviously feel relaxed and happy, energetic, and have interest and desire for exercise, it indicates that this exercise prescription load is appropriate and can be used continuously. However, if the sleep quality is poor, the next morning fatigue is serious, and there is a significant reduction of exercise desire, it indicates that the exercise prescription load is too strong and needs to be adjusted. In addition, if there is a significant continuous increase in pulse and blood pressure, or a significant continuous decrease in body weight during the self-monitoring for several days, it indicates that the exercise prescription is too heavy, the exercise is too heavy, and there are symptoms of fatigue accumulation, and the exercise should be reduced in time.

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