Want to build muscle? Then you need to master these ten recipes!

It is said that fitness can not rely on exercise alone, dietary nutrition is also very important. So if you want to build more aesthetically pleasing muscles, it’s important to focus on daily nutrition. So what do you eat to build muscle?

Muscle is a symbol of a man’s strength, many men want to have strong muscles, in addition to fitness, diet is also very important, the following dietitian for you to introduce muscle building recipes, to help you quickly grow muscle.

Scientific diet for muscle building:


Breakfast: one apple, one bowl of soy milk, two slices of whole wheat bread, one egg, two egg whites.

Lunch: beancurd water cabbage, preserved egg with tofu, steamed sea bass, half a bowl of rice.

Dinner: Sauteed fenugreek, braised white gourd with dried shrimp, shrimps with minced garlic, and a small bowl of red bean porridge.


Breakfast: A bowl of red bean and rice porridge, a refreshing dish (cucumber, carrots, celery and boiled spiced peanuts), longan or jujube 1, egg white two.

Lunch: scrambled egg with tomato, celery with agaric fungus, fried chicken breast, a bowl of rice.

Dinner: spinach and tofu soup, fried potato shreds, cold beef.


Breakfast: one orange, two steamed egg custard, a steamed bread.

Lunch: cold broccoli, braised Wuchang fish four, green pepper and bamboo shoots, a bowl of rice.

Dinner: cold green bamboo shoots, mapo tofu, two chicken legs, a bowl of millet porridge.


Breakfast: pumpkin medlar gruel, two fried eggs, mixed vegetables.

Lunch: Braised beef, spinach salad, fried Chinese orchid, 2 steamed buns.

Dinner: Beef bone soup with white gourd, beef with green pepper, mashed tomato salad and potato shreds, a steamed bun.


Breakfast: One steamed waxy corn, two poached eggs and a glass of milk.

Chinese food: beef noodles with tomato, cold seaweed and shredded carrot.

Dinner: bean sprouts Crucian carp soup (eat), fried loofah, baked sweet potato 1.


Breakfast: 1 apple, 1 cup of milk, 2 slices of whole wheat bread, 1 egg.

Chinese food: bean skin fried green pepper, cucumber mixed with shredded chicken, mushroom fried rape.

Dinner: Beef with garlic sauce, fried bitter gourd with chili, shredded pork with green vegetables and vermicelli soup.


Breakfast: a bowl of corn paste with red dates, two beef packets, four mangosteens.

Lunch: braised lentil with vegetable, cauliflower with tomato, steamed egg soup with shrimp, 1 bowl of rice.

Dinner: Malatang, including tofu, mushrooms, vegetables, kelp, chicken, beef and so on a big bowl.


Breakfast: Breakfast egg beef sandwich, a cup of milk.

Chinese food: 1 piece of smoked fish, 1 plate of cold bean sprouts and shredded carrot kelp, 1 bowl of small glutinous rice balls with red bean paste, 5 dates.

Dinner: 1 salted egg, 1 plate of chicken feet, cold broccoli, 1 bowl of purple rice porridge.


Breakfast: a bowl of black sesame and red bean porridge, 2 tea eggs, cold turnip shreds side dish.

Chinese food: 1 bowl of braised carrot, white radish and mutton, 1 plate of shredded tofu with cilantro, 1 steamed bread.

Dinner: red date, medlar and black chicken soup noodle bowl.


Breakfast: 1 bowl of oatmeal with milk, 1 egg and an apple.

Lunch: 1 plate of bumper harvest (a variety of raw vegetables dipping sauce), half a plate of glutinous rice lotus root, half a plate of fried potato shreds, 1 bowl of radish stewed beef brisket.

Dinner: Half plate of shirataki shrimp, half plate of three fresh Japanese tofu, 1 plate of fried kale, 1 steamed bun or tortilla.

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