Is it necessary to eat health care products?

Perhaps today’s young people have more or less come across or heard of their parents and other elders indulging in the magical effects of health products and devices, and some of them are even too superstitious themselves. In fact, MY grandparents have met many people to sell health care products before, these two people are “senior intellectuals”, the monthly pension is higher than my salary, my grandmother once at the same time eat a dozen kinds of health care products (the effect is really different). For health care products, my advice is:

Keep a clear understanding of science.

If there is a problem with the health of the family, the first task is to go to the regular hospital in a timely manner, make clear the disease, and actively cooperate with clinical treatment. At the same time, find out the related causes and adjust controllable factors, such as diet, smoking, drinking and other living habits.

Distinguish legitimate products.

In the face of the so-called health care products and devices in the market, children should be able to distinguish between legal and regular products, which are illegal “three nothing” products, which are just ordinary food, and also try to teach their parents and other elders how to distinguish. You can refer to the official website of the State Food and Drug Administration for laws and regulations, public inquiries and other information about health food and medical devices. At present, there is only little evidence to support the partial effect of some ingredients in health food, but illegal addition, contamination with drug ingredients, insufficient evidence of safety tests, exaggerated effects of products are the problems existing in many products, so we must be vigilant to the promotion of health products, careful selection and use of health food.

The same is true for medical devices.

Of course, patients with related diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension, can buy blood glucose meters, sphygmomanometers and other medical devices to facilitate daily monitoring. But if you want to use the equipment for physiotherapy and rehabilitation, it is best to go to the regular hospital for consultation.

How to choose the right health food and medical equipment:

1. Check whether there is a health food mark and approval number on the package of health food, and whether there is a medical device registration certificate number or record voucher number on the package of medical devices.

2. Check whether the name of the manufacturer and its production license number are marked on the packaging of health food and medical devices. The production license number can be queried on the website of the provincial competent department where the enterprise is located to confirm its legality.

3. Whether it is health food or medical equipment, should be selected according to its function or scope of application, avoid blind use.

4. Health food can not replace medicine, can not take health food as a panacea, can not replace other food, to adhere to a normal diet.

5. Eat health food and use medical instruments according to the label instructions. Do not eat health food that exceeds the labeled expiration date and goes bad. Use medical devices according to the requirements.

6. Big brands are generally more reliable. If it is a domestic product, it is necessary to make sure that there are no claims beyond the scope. You can check the batch number and allowed functional claims of health food and medical devices on the CFDA website.

7. Use under the guidance of a doctor or dietitian, especially during medication.

Take the initiative to buy.

In addition to the need to recognize the health care products and medical devices on the market, children can sometimes “curve to save the country”, children can also find some healthy alternatives. Pure vitamin D, for example, generally doesn’t do any harm. Or calcium tablets, the elderly for calcium supplementation is often easier to accept. In addition, you can choose the compound vitamin and mineral supplements, protein powder or whole nutrition powder for the elderly or the general adult. But no matter what kind, please buy from formal channels, try to choose legal big brand products.

Cherish the time to accompany more.

Finally, I would like to say that the reason why many middle-aged and elderly people indulge in the promotion of health products and medical devices is often related to the loneliness of their old age. The most important thing is to cultivate the interests and hobbies of middle-aged and elderly people, to create a rich and healthy entertainment life in old age, to provide care and company and patient comfort, and to give them a full and happy inner world.

Love in time.

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