What is regular health care product?

Health food is divided into two categories: one is vitamins, minerals and other nutritional health products; The other category belongs to functional health food.

Nutritional health products, generally designed to supplement the seven major nutrients required by the human body, such as: Vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, etc., is a general lack of microelements, and chronic lack of trace elements, is one of the chronic diseases of the underlying factors, therefore, according to the individual factors, right amount added trace elements, giving play to the role of nutritional therapy and is the improvement and prevention of chronic diseases, the most direct means, should be applied in clinical treatment as soon as possible.

Functional health food, with medicine and food homologous multiple effects, can be medicine, and can be food, therefore, health care products are not medicine, but can indeed play its role in the treatment of diseases.

Twenty-seven kinds of effective health care functions of health food:
1. Boost your immune system
2. Assist in lowering blood lipids
3. Assist in lowering blood sugar
4. The oxidation resistance
5. Help improve your memory
6. Relieve eye strain
7. Promote lead removal
9. Help lower blood pressure
10. Improve your sleep
11. Promote lactation
12. Relieve physical fatigue
13. Improve hypoxia tolerance
14. Auxiliary protection against radiation hazards
15. To lose weight
16. Improve growth and development
17. Increases bone density
18. Improvement of nutritional anaemia
19. It has auxiliary protection against chemical liver injury
20. Remove the acne
21. Remove melasma
22. Improve skin moisture
23. Improve skin oils
24. Regulate gut microbiota
25. Improves digestion
26. The purge
27. It has auxiliary protection against gastric mucosal injury

How to identify true and false health food?

1. See whether there is a “small blue hat” on the package. According to the regulations, health food must be marked with a special logo of “blue hat” on the package or label.

2. Look at the approval number. On the package, you can see the approval number of the State Food and Drug Administration or the record number of the provincial Food and Drug Administration.

3. health license number, food said on the package has “health license number”, etc.

4. formula, efficacy ingredients and content, health food formula ingredients must have scientific basis, with clear efficacy ingredients. Functional components are the functional basis of health food.

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